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Immigration Consultant in Vancouver

Milad Zaheri (RCIC) is proud to offer qualified, professional and high-quality service for any Canada immigration subject!

I'm ready to work with you to find the best opportunity, maximizing your chances of a successful outcome.

My specialisms include all type of Canada visas and immigration applications!

I leverage a fully standard and client oriented system. Using our expertise, I will assess your needs, goals and eligibility, and help you through your application journey, supporting you every step of the way.

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Who we are?

Milad Immigration Services is a Canada immigration and citizenship service provider focused on providing consultation and representation for our clients. ​Our practice is narrowly focused, enabling us to offer professional Canada Immigration services centered on our clients goals and needs. We handle a wide spectrum of visas and business matters within our concentrated practice area of Canada immigration. Visa and business services include self-employed and startup visa, skilled worker and temporary visas, company formation in Canada and representation for high net-worth individuals and investor immigrant, among others. 

Our mission

Immigration consultation and representation, like most fields, requires a high level of cooperation from the client. Accordingly, our team works closely with clients to ensure they understand the steps, documentation and proofs they are required to providd upon our request. The collaborative effort between client and us ensures the case is processed in the most efficient manner. Our team is available to answer any questions clients may have as their case progresses through the various Canada immigration channels. 

Our Team


Milad Zaheri

RCIC #: R706438


Canadian Immigration Consultant in Vancouver

Milad Zaheri (RCIC) utilizes a distinct strategy for processing visa applications and deliver high quality advice and service. Our clients benefit from our transparent service and support as their application progresses through the various channels of Canada immigration system. We are centered on flexibility and we are able to accommodate clients in a variety of languages.


Sara Bozorgfar

ICEF CCG: 01371


Certified Education Consultant in Vancouver

How to Immigrate to Canada

Did you know that there are more than 100 Canadian Immigration Programs available? depending on the goals and interests, everyone's path to immigrate to Canada will be almost unique.

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Canada Visas

We ask you to tell us about your interests and goals so we could help you to find the immigration programs that suit you and identify those you are eligible for. before that, check these categories to learn
How to Immigrate to Canada!

Study Permit

Study in Canada

Work Permit

Work in Canada

Visitor Visa

Travel to Canada

Startup Visa

Immigrate by starting a business

Family Sponsorship

Sponsor your Relatives

Express Entry

Immigrate as a skilled worker


Immigrate by providing care for others


Immigrate as a self-employed person

Pilot Programs

Explore pilot immigration programs

Why Choose Us


Milad Zaheri is a Member of The Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC)


Milad Immigration Services has a borad range of expertise at all levels of Canada Immigration


Milad Zaheri (RCIC) follows a well organized, fair and modern system to represent his clients

Member of

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If you want to live, visit or work in Canada, let us help you!

We Will Contact You

How we work in 4 simple steps?

Your Interests

We always start with knowing your interests, goals and anything that you like to achieve by coming to Canada.

Eligibility Check

Your infomration is checked to find the immigration programs that suits you to find what you are eligible for.

File Creation

Once we found the best program, we sign the "Retainer Agreement" and your immigration file will be created.

File Submission

Once your file is ready we will square up. Your file be checked thoroughly and then will be submitted to IRCC.


A Canadian Permanent Resident Visa is a status which allows a person to live and work anywhere in Canada. The permanent resident status comes with certain responsibilities and could be revoked if the holder does not meet residency obligations, or commits serious criminal activity. A person who is a Canadian Permanent Resident may apply for Canadian citizenship after three years living in Canada.
Under Canadian Business Class individuals with business/managerial experience and relatively high net-worth may qualify for a Permanent Resident or Work Permit Visa. There are different sub-categories within the Business Class: Self-Employed Persons, Immigrant Investors and Entrepreneurs.
Your first step is to get admission to a recognized Canadian university/college. Once your have a letter of acceptance(Admission) from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI), you may apply for a study permit.
Our process begins with a FREE detailed assessment of your Canada immigration goals and needs. We compare your information against all the immigration programs to find the best that suits you. We also conveniently offer paid consultations via telephone, Skype, or in-office. Should you decide to move forward with us we then draft a retainer agreement for signature. Following completion of the retaining process we create your file in the our internal system and send a detailed document request list. We work closely with our clients throughout the visa process.

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